Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010: A Monolithic In Memoriam - Part 5

 2010 Cleanup

Stray musings about what I may have missed over the past 365 days.

Hanazawa Kana

Whew!  It’s sure been one hectic year for this talented starlet as she seemingly managed to voice a character in every series that aired this year.   I’m not going to say whether the HanaKana overload was good or bad; just that it was doubtlessly noticeable. 

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya
Not worth talking about.  Seriously.  With the impending DVD release, there are about to be a billion reviews flooding in.  Let’s just say that “masterpiece” is an understatement and that Endless Eight x 8 would still not have been enough to diminish the grandeur of what will surely stand as Kyoto Animation’s magnum opus for years to come.

Star Driver
Why yes, I do get a very strong Utena vibe from this series, but the problem is it continues to lack focus and coherence.  Even from the beginning of Utena, there’s the feeling that something ominous is on the prowl, but in Star Driver, everything is just chucked to the wind haphazardly.  If the series manages to successfully coalesce by the end, however, I will watch through all of it, but for now, it’s a feeble, whispering string-quartet to the majestic symbolic-symphony that is Utena.

Since Bakuman is an incredibly slow series it’s probably better to give it time to marinate before making incisions here and there.  The premise of breaking into the entertainment industry is, oddly-enough, shoujo at heart, but here we see it tackled with a shounen¬-bent.  Again, Bakuman hasn’t really had a chance to leave the ground, so we’ll have to wait and see.

The World God Only Knows
A very solid entry to the Fall lineup that sadly received a lukewarm welcome due to the eclipsing behemoth that was Oreimo.  And solid is definitely the perfect word to describe TWGOK; the plot is charming and original enough, but aside from that, everything else is several steps displaced from outstanding.

House of Five Leaves
A very curious, dialogue-heavy period-drama drenched in an air of disarming tranquility.  There was simply far too much on my plate during the year for me to give this series a chance, but it certainly looks like it’d be right up my alley. 

Onward to 2011!


The Yorozuya are back, baby, and better than ever!  Rumor has it that the series will air in 26-episode “seasons” starting in April from this point in order for there to be some breathing room.  The return of Gintama is accompanied by the epic Four Emperors arc so expectations are soaring.

Hayate no Gotoku! 
It’s been over year since the second season ended so this was a pleasant surprise for Hayate fans.  Everyone’s been clamoring for the Athena arc and I’d be shocked if that wasn’t the centerpiece to this silver-screen adaptation.  In any case, film-adaptations of anime satirical/parodical comedy are quite scarce, so this offering will be a fun little experiment.

And that’s really all I have to say.  Farewell, 2010.

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