Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Anime Marriage Prospects Pt. 2

Sousuke Sagara
An oddly-stunning cross between a bishounen and a rough and rugged frontline soldier. His scruffy hair slightly obscures a piercingly serious glare with a tight-lipped frown slipped in underneath. An X-shaped scar runs down his left cheek.

He has a tanned complexion and a build that is slim and athletic, as expected from a hardened, hypercompetent military specialist. He wears a traditional boys high-school uniform. While Sousuke may appear to be someone who is severely strict and straitlaced, there's the unshakable impression that he's quite gentle at heart.

Quite the disparity. In terms of military knowledge, Sousuke is a walking encyclopedia of technical jargon and military techniques and he is proficient at operating all manner of vehicles and/or giant mecha. On the battlefield, his senses are sharp and his mind is a whirring dynamo of quickfire analysis. High-school material, on the other hand, goes right over his head as does anything involving interaction with other people. In other words, you probably couldn't find someone more competent in military combat and so horrifyingly incompetent in modern society.

Sousuke's duty is as inseparable from his mind as his finger is from the trigger of his pistol. Often described as a “military maniac,” Sousuke's mind is always focused on scanning for possible threats and disposing of them in the most direct of methods, usually involving bullets, smoke bombs, or claymores.

While this may make Sousuke seem like the perfect bodyguard, his lack of experience with social norms combined with a brain that regularly flits between paramilitary and paranoia and an arsenal of military-grade firearms at his fingertips makes him a spectacular, often embarrassing disaster in a social environment.

In a high-school setting, for instance, Sousuke is a Fish Out of Water. Not only will he confront threats, students and faculty alike, at gunpoint, but he'll chuck grenades and dispense tear gas at the slightest provocation.

And the fun doesn't stop there. Not only is he a Chaste Hero, but he is literally unable to comprehend anything that's not at least tangentially related to the battlefield. For example, he understands basketball, but only because he used to play the sport with his fellow soldiers on a makeshift court during downtime between missions. But try talking to him about love and dating or lecturing him on why drawing his pistol isn't the solution to every problem and his brain will hemorrhage just trying to keep up.

The best and worst part of Sousuke's personality is the juxtaposition of genuinely innocent naïveté and mechanical military discipline. He's like a child who's truly well-meaning and desperately trying to make sense of foreign territory that he has been dumped into, except the child has an inveterate desire to incapacitate anything that so much as sneezes in a threatening manner.

Cooking/Home Economics:
While perfectly capable of efficiently consuming rations as bullets whiz overhead, Sousuke naturally has limited experience in the kitchen. You're probably going to have to take the reins on this one.

Fighting Skills:
Of course, Sousuke is at the top of his game here. Although he is skilled enough to dispatch a hoard of thugs or terrorists innocents with his bare hands, he's doubly as dangerous with any sort of firearm and triply so factoring in his proclivity for guerilla tactics.

Sousuke was born to fight dirty and will always resort to underhanded traps and pre-emptive strikes for the element of surprise. It's just too bad that his targets turn out to be innocent students or civilians most of the time.

Special Abilities:
Incredibly proficient in mech combat and has experience with the Lambda Driver, a device that can rewrite reality itself. And in the classroom or nearest civilian locale, his Hyperspace Armory is quite handy for concealing all manner of guns, grenades, and rocket launchers.

Good freakin' luck. Kaname Chidori is the perfect fit for Sousuke as far as I'm concerned, but even if you were to ignore the unbelievable chemistry between the two of them, you'd have to come to terms with the fact that Sousuke is under orders to protect her. Pursuing a romantic relationship would be awkward when he's got his eyes trained on another girl 24/7. Then there's Tessa, who, if Kaname were to be erased from the picture, would easily be able to wring some romantic reciprocality out of Sousuke, given that she's his sweet and ditzy commanding officer and all.

Oh, and lest we forget that the line “I LOVE YOU, KASHIM!” will probably be echoing ominously throughout your nightmares.


Mithril compensates Sousuke well for his accomplishments as they are able to effortlessly cover up any and all property damage incurred by our lovable short-fused Sergeant by waving around sacks of cash.

“I'm aware it's a condom but I can't figure out what possible use a high-school student could have for one. Sure, I've used it a couple of times: I was on mission in the jungle when I lost everything....everything but this! You know they can hold a liter of water, right?

Hoo boy..this is one frightening prospect. Unless you want unintentional Tykebombs at worst or Child Soldiers at best, you'd do well to take over as the authority on parental supervision. Kiddies and guns, particularly standard-issue military firearms, do not mix.

Meh...why not? Sousuke is charming, quirky, a blast to be around, and always ready to brighten the mood with a reassuring “It’s not a problem.” Just don't let him tag along to social gatherings because if he spies anyone acting remotely shifty, well, that backyard barbeque would quickly turn into ground-zero for Armageddon.

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