Friday, December 18, 2009

The Disapperance of Haruhi Suzumiya Trailer

Yesterday, a teaser-trailer for The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya was released and after watching it, I am officially beyond excited. This is going to be the greatest movie of the year and possibly one of the greatest of all time. So I decided to actually blog about something that’s only one minute in length.

The trailer starts off innocuously enough. It’s winter and Kyon is heading home from school with the persistently annoying yet lovable goof, Taniguchi.

However, upon arriving at school the following morning, there’s something missing…Haruhi to be exact. I love Kyon’s subtly-pensive expression.

Cut to the SOS-dan’s clubroom, which is back to being the literature clubroom for the introduction of Yuki Nagato. Gotta say, I pretty much died out of elation here seeing Disappearance-Yuki animated for the first time. Irresistibly cute and woobie-ified. Now here's something that's totally worth going to jail for (two separate references in one).

Next up, Kyon meets Mikuru who looks completely perplexed as if she doesn’t even recognize him. And then, Kyon comes face-to-face with an old friend, someone who he thought he’d never see again. It’s the person who’s taken up residence in the seat behind him.

That’s right, our favorite insane-yandere rogue humanoid interface Ryoko Asakura is back, baby.

Cut to a shot of Kyon breathlessly racing alongside a speeding train and then to a picturesque, heartfelt confrontation between him and Yuki.

After another innocuous shot of Kyon, we get glimpses of him interacting with Future-Mikuru and pre-Disappearance Koizumi, complete with irreverent sketchings of Kuchiki-clan quality.

So yes, things are quite confusing although admittedly really intriguing so far but we haven’t really seen too much to get excited abo…

HOLY S**T! Kyon with a gun? Kyon looking like he’s in some serious danger? Well, okay, you finally got my attention, trailer. What else have you go…


Okay, I have to admit, I’m really surprised that they threw in the deranged Yuki-shot for a mere teaser-trailer but I guess that it’s just all the more frighteningly mind-boggling without context and does a fantastic job of proving just how hardcore this arc is going to be. And indeed, even though I have read Disappearance, seeing that shot of Yuki really did shock the hell out of me.

And then we get a wonderful shot of Haruhi’s ponytail before ending with...

The grand-daddy of rhetorical questions.

Fantastic teaser-trailer. It really got me pumped to the point of nearly passing out from hyperventilation about this movie. I am literally foaming at the mouth with anticipation after seeing this.

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